Why Franchising is a good choice for an E-2 Visa

Investor Visa

Franchising Choice for E-2 Visas

There are many reasons that Franchising is a popular choice today for investor visas. The main reason is they provide a turnkey business opportunity. This provides a quicker ramp-up, a proven business model to follow, and guidance from industry experts. Established franchises provide existing business plans, operational support, ongoing guidance, and training. These detailed business plans and cost projections can give an investor a clear idea of what their investment should be and allow them to make an excellent case for their E-2 visa application. A well-known franchise is also likely to be favorably received by E-2 officials over an unproven start-up business. Franchises are widespread – from cities to rural communities, allowing E Visa holders the opportunity to choose where they would like to work and live.

Franchising Matching

It is important to match E-2 applicants with E-2 friendly franchises that match your work skills, English proficiency, business preferences, and most importantly, your budget. When your skills are properly matched to a franchise, you have a higher likelihood of your E-2 Visa approval and more likelihood to be financially successful. A franchise has a vested interest in helping you build your business because they receive more royalties as you grow your business.

Popular E-2 Franchise Industries

Most franchises in the United States are eligible for the E-2 Visa program, which means there are over 1,400 franchise concepts to explore. COVID-19 has changed the business landscape throughout the entire world with some industries making more and some being less profitable than they once were.

Here are some of the main industries to consider:

  • Fast food
  • Pet care
  • Real estate
  • Business services
  • Education
  • Health and Beauty
  • Cleaning
  • Personal Care

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