Part 3 – Getting Back Control

For those of us who have been analyzing the facts over even living the facts… there seems to be definite  signs of “ageism” and growing forms of age discrimination. You may believe those issues are happening to others or that it often occurs to people five years older from whatever age that you are! It could happen to you as well.  The consequence of not recognizing the trends can be very costly to you and your family.

How to regain control and better security: You can go back to school and get another degree or certificate.  This may be difficult or costly.  Two year Associates Degree Programs cost between $11,500 to 17,000 on average, a four year program can cost between $24,000 to 65,000 on average and a Master’s program can set you back $23,500 to $52,000 and there is no guarantee of getting a job or a better paying job.

The Argument for business or Franchise Ownership

The perception is that the cost of owning a business is expensive. Not true!!! Technology and especially franchising is actually causing the cost to business ownership to decrease in many cases. The risk can also be lowered by using other’s trials and errors to maximize your potential for success (why we believe in Franchising).

Happy Fact 1: Estimates are that the average total costs of the entry level franchises purchased (those typically less than $100,000) have DECREASED almost 30% over the last 5-10 years.

Happy Fact 2:  Many opportunities don’t require the level of fixed or variable costs once required. Many of the newer high demand and successful concepts enable people to operate out of their homes and even provide products and or services across the country… unheard of decades ago.

Happy Fact 3:  There are now a variety of innovative programs to help you fund your business including an innovative program that allows one to use their retirement funds tax, penalty and debt free. Best of all the government will assume as much as 40%+ of the financial risk of the investment. 

We will help you.  Unlike many of our peers in Franchise Brokering, we lived it and continue to breathe it.  Please contact us so we can send you our new client packet which includes all of the following:

  • Business Assessment Profile
  • Qualifying for the franchise (yes, you will need to qualify and we can help you)
  • Funding for the franchise
  • 1 hour of FREE franchise legal counsel
  • 1 hour of FREE small business accounting consultation
  • FREE demographics information
  • Ongoing sales and small business training for you and your employees

We look forward to serving you.