Engage Virtual Range



Why Engage Virtual Range?

•  Simulated live-fire range for training and entertainment
•  Proprietary systems and technology
•  Comprehensive solutions and support
•  Strong brand designed for the masses
•  Emerging franchise / first to market

Shooting Range Industry

•  Traditional ranges can be intimidating and unwelcoming.
•  Ammo is expensive and hard to find
•  Gun ownership is at record highs
•  Law enforcement needs continuing education and options are limited
 •Scarce recreational and entertainment options

Our Customers

•  Law enforcement
•  Private security teams
•  General public
         •  Marksmen and women
         •  First time shooters
         •  Youth
•  Entertainment seekers
•Corporate events and team building

Investment Cost

Cash Investment: $100,000+
Total Investment: $280,900 - $321,050
Minimum Net Worth: $200,000