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Why Professional Franchise Brokers?

By working with a broker who is a member of the Franchise Broker Association you would have access through your Broker to the association’s vast resources.  We can also recommend useful resources that you can use to develop and grow your business.

Service Professional Franchise Broker Non Professional Franchise Broker Benefit To You
Researches Franchise that Fit Your Interests and Investment Level   Franchise Brokers take you through an interview to identify what Franchises you will qualify for, which Franchise match your long term and financial goals and which Franchises are available in your market.
Introduce You to the Right People at the Franchise Franchise Brokers have special contacts with the Franchisor that allows them to get you in front of the right person at the Franchise quickly.
Answer Questions for You as You Do Your Due Diligence Franchise Brokers are there to help you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way. They spend all of their time researching Franchises so they have great information on Franchise systems.
Franchisor Questions (Small % of Brokers) These questions help you to be informed when speaking with the Franchisor and to ask the right questions that will lead you to proper due diligence.
Funding Franchise Brokers can help Candidates obtain funding! This is important considering the normal options are not as readily available as they were in the past. There are many funding options and we work with all of them. The good news is, we get Franchises funding all the time.
Demographics Studies Every market is different and the number one item to cover when starting a Franchise should be, ‘Is this a viable business for the market that you are in?’ Do you have enough population, the right demographic profile for the Franchise, and how heavy is the competition. FBA Brokers and Brokers can pull demographics studies to help you determine this.
Franchisee Satisfaction Reports FBA Brokers can give you reports (when available) on how the Franchisees of a Franchised system rate their Franchisor. This is information that comes directly from the Franchisees out in the field doing exactly what you do. This means that you can see a snapshot of their success levels and comfort level with the Franchisor making your due diligence much easier.
Monthly Sales and Small Biz Training FBA Brokers are not only committed to your success in finding a Franchise, we are committed to your success once you become a Franchisee. That’s why we provide a webinar training every month where you and your employees can learn about ways to work with your Franchisor, how to take advantage of what is provided for you, business development, economic issues, sales training, hiring knowledge, strategic planning, open mentoring and more
1 hour of Free Legal If you have questions on the entity type, partnership agreements, the Franchise Disclosure Document, your exit strategy or anything else, you can discuss those questions in a one hour complimentary session that to speak to one of our Franchise Attorneys. Our attorneys negotiate better terms for your Franchise Agreement. They protect you and focus on creating a better situation for you when becoming a Franchisee.
Loan Default Review Do you know which Franchises have the majority of defaulted loans? We do! FBA Consultants have access to default reports to ensure that your Franchise doesn’t have a high failure rate. This is important information to know, especially if you are applying for a loan.
Franchisee Validation Support FBA Brokers will help you with your Franchisee Validation Calls. This can be a challenging part of the process because of the personal nature of your questions. By using an FBA Broker to guide you through, you can delicately obtain the information you need to make an educated decision on the Franchise.
1 hour of Free Accounting Have our Franchise Accountant help you review the Franchisors Financials to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the Franchise. Our accountants are also available to assist you in setting up your Franchise appropriately.
Business Plan Templates Though we are unable to draw up a business plan for you, we can point you in the direction of helpful tools and resources to outline and produce a proper business plan. The template that we make available is extremely easy; it’s thorough and creates an excellent blueprint for your Franchise goals.
Comparison Grids FBA Brokers can provide you with a Comparison Grid that allows you to see franchises side by side and how they compare to each other. It is a very popular and useful tool for choosing the Franchise that is right for you.
Press Release Assistance FBA Brokers can provide you with guidance and templates for writing press releases. Press releases will help you get your business publicity and recognition in your area.
FDD Written Guide and Professional Assistance FBA Brokers know how to read a FDD and we read it with you. We do not advise on the FDD, but we do compose  a series of questions to go over with the Franchisor and the Franchise Attorney. We know what to look for and we share that with you by providing you a disclosure document guide.
Negotiate a better franchise territory FBA Brokers are excellent negotiators and can often get our Candidates additional territory, better territories and first right of refusal on surrounding territories. This creates a business with more equity and opportunity.
Pro forma to determine a break even and profitability points in the business FBA Brokers provide you with a pro forma, which is a spread sheet to help you calculate your profitability point and break-even point. The unique part of our pro forma is that it is designed to work with the Franchisee data that we collect while on the validation calls. This makes it simple to create a realistic projection for your Franchise.
Insurance Consultation FBA Brokers provide you with one free hour of insurance consultation. Hear you can discuss liability insurance, general business insurance, worker’s comp, health insurance for you and your family, life insurance and any other type of insurance you can imagine. This consultation can help you to understand the costs and options available to you.