Social Distancing

List of Franchise Industries still open during Covid-19

You probably never consider what was an “essential” or “non-essential” business until the Coronavirus Pandemic. You probably never thought  we would see a time when ONLY “essential business” would remain open. It has been left up to state and local governments to determine which businesses are essential or non-essential. But there have been many businesses …

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Financing the Start of Your Franchise

Deciding to start a business is exciting and scary. There are many considerations but depending on your business plans and overall goals. Choosing to buy a franchise can help solve many of the problems when starting a new business, especially if it is an established brand with a loyal consumer base. It does not solve …

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Question about buying a franchise

Employee vs. Franchise Ownership

Employee vs. Franchise Owner Facts and Stats Not everyone is suited to own their own Franchise.  We have spoken to many people who are perfectly happy working for someone else.  Here are some Facts and Stats you may find interesting. Employee- Facts & Stats Average American works >8.5 hours each day. This means more time …

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Tax Benefit of Owning a Business

Owning a Side Business can save you hundreds of dollars every year. You don’t need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a business. It doesn’t need to be a full-time business to take advantage of the tax savings. It can be a part-time or side business that may grow to a point …

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Dirty Words in Franchising

The Value in the Fees Just about every time we speak to a person who inquiries about a franchise, they get turned off by the franchise fees, advertising fees, royalties and other fees a franchisor assesses their franchisees.  We get that.  As multi-unit franchisees with about $3,000,000 in revenue – we paid a lot in …

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Owner-Operator vs. Semi-Absentee

Owner-Operator vs. Semi-Absentee vs. Passive Ownership: What’s the Difference? As husband and wife, we starting our first business nearly 17 years ago. Prior to our marriage, we both started businesses but with little success. Starting your own business is a lot of work. A business can take over your life, especially if it the first …

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