Team Pierce

aboutWe are passionate entrepreneur’s and we are excited about empowering and supporting others to do the work they want to do in order live the life they want to live. As franchise entrepreneurs, we have spent over 13 years living our American dream, one that does not involve corporate bureaucracy or passing time at our desks – instead, paving our own path, and taking on new challenges each day.

We know franchising works, we are proof of that. After 13 years we are able to semi-retire and begin to enjoy life now rather than “when we retire.” We want to help you reach your goals through a system that works.

Life before Franchising

Mike graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Engineering. He has worked for the NRA, GE and a few tech startups. After the bursting of the “tech bubble”, Mike realized that it was best to seek opportunity outside of the big corporate structure and venture out on his own and franchising was the perfect vehicle.

Laura attended college in Texas and Florida before deciding to start a career in sales better suited her than sitting through one more lecture. She had worked for many large and mid-size companies throughout her career. After her last global company was eaten up by an even larger conglomerate, she realized that she just became an even smaller number.

In 2001, they saw the writing on the walls and knew that if we were going to be happy, we needed to take control of our careers. Together they looked at several franchise concepts and decided to become Comfort Keepers. They grew their business to over 4 units and sold their business in 2014.

Our passion has always been helping people. Now we have the opportunity to help other find the right business that can make them successful.