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Employee vs. Franchise Ownership

Question about buying a franchise

Employee vs. Franchise Owner Facts and Stats

Not everyone is suited to own their own Franchise.  We have spoken to many people who are perfectly happy working for someone else.  Here are some Facts and Stats you may find interesting.

Employee- Facts & Stats

  1. Average American works >8.5 hours each day. This means more time spent working than:
  • Sleeping
  • Enjoying hobbies
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • A typical 40-year career which consists of working 50 weeks a year, 8.5 hour work days, will mean working 86,000 hours for the average Americans lifetime.
  1. The average American will spend over $600K in interest throughout their working life.
  2. Only 45% of Americans ARE satisfied with their jobs. This means that the majority (55%) of Americans are unsatisfied with their current job.
  3. 16% drop in job-satisfaction in just over 20 years
  • Unsatisfactory rates spring from disappointment in benefits, job stability, and growth
  1. 26% of Employees were dissatisfied with the outlook on potential future promotions (up from 19% in 2008)
  2. Less than 50% of employees were completely satisfied with their job security; with 30% of workers being worried about being laid off in the near future.
  3. Roughly 34% of employees were dissatisfied with the amount of on-the-job stress.
  4. There are currently more workers than jobs. This causes most workers to stay in these less-than-satisfactory conditions.
  5. As an employee, you are capped at contributing $16,500 pre-taxed into retirement fund annually; a business owner can contribute up to $50,000, pre-taxed.
  6. The average account balance in retirement plans according to an Employee Benefit Research Institute (or EBRI) study stated that participants in their 60’s had saved $144,004. Retirees should pull money from their 401k account at a withdrawal rate of 4%/year. When they allowing for an adjustment in inflation, this provides the average 401k holder in their 60’s an annual income of only $5,760, or $480 each month.
  7. The poverty level for 2011 was set at $15,130 (total yearly income) for a family of two or $1,261 a month.
  8. According to the 2010 Census Bureau, 79% of the population is a salary or private wage employee. Of that 79%, only 3.9% were earning more than $200K per year with the average working American sitting in the $50-$75K range.

Business Ownership and Franchise- Facts & Stats

  1. Two-thirds of all American millionaires are business owners.
  2. In a study by Scott Shane, a franchise scholar, the success rate of a franchise (62%) is nearly double that of an independent business (35%) after 4 years of operations.
  3. In 2011, franchise establishments employed nearly 8 million people with 735K units.
  4. “Active” Baby Boomers not quite ready or able to retire are turning to the $1.5 trillion segments of franchise businesses.
  5. As a business owner, you could be making the same amount in your business as in your last employment. However, you can keep more of your earnings with smart & legal tax deductions.
  6. As of 2009, entrepreneurial efforts in the U.S. were at a 14 year high, with 558,000 new businesses being started each month. It’s great for the economy and it’s an excellent opportunity for the business owner. Today, labor is abundant and less expensive, equipment and resources are discounted & real estate and rent is lower.
  7. Based on a study of an entrepreneur followed by the FBA in 2010, the initial investment, such as time, money, commitment, and frustration were all drastically reduced when investing in a franchise versus starting an independent business. The franchise business offers support, provides the opportunity to become passive and also has a considerably shorter learning curve (on average 9 months vs. 2.5 years).
  8. With a franchise, you often have sales assistance available.
  9. Upon purchasing a franchise you are provided an FDD, or Franchise Disclosure Document. This document includes all the background information of the franchise.
  • How many years it has been in business
  • Lawsuits and litigation history of the franchise and its executives
  • Initial and ongoing costs
  • Outlines what the franchisor offers to a franchisee
  • A list of current and former franchisees
  • The franchise financial statement and earnings information when it is available
  1. As a business owner purchasing a franchise you are provided with a complete system. You can be confident in your marketing plan, benchmarks, goals, and support that are required to make your business thrive.
  2. Thousands of franchises are available; some are brand new (under 1 year) and some have decades of industry experience.
  3. There are a plethora of options available with franchise systems. Some franchises allow you to operate out of your home; have or have no employees; have or have no inventory or be a passive owner.
  4. Banks are more likely to loan money to a successful franchise. They are willing to do this for a franchise compared to a start-up business because of a lower risk of repayment default.

The purchase of a franchise is a major decision. You should only make that decision after retaining and consulting with competent legal and business professionals.


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The purchase of a franchise is a major decision. You should only make that decision after retaining and consulting with competent legal and business professionals.