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Every student has unique needs.

That’s why we provide tailored lessons to help students build confidence and mastery in their academic work.

Our programs develop concept acquisition, critical thinking, and application of skills. Our math and English curricula follow Common Core Standards, helping prepare students for academic and standardized tests as well as everyday challenges.

We motivate and encourage students to learn the principles of mathematics and English in a rewarding way. Our teachers monitor student progress on homework and tests to ensure that they are on track and receiving the help they need.

At Best in Class, your children will gain a sense of confidence in and excitement for learning.

Why We Succeed

Core Mission and Values

Students these days face a competitive educational world. They need to work harder than ever before to be noticed by the best colleges, while their current schools are being judged according to their own academic performance.

We motivate and encourage students to learn the basic principles of mathematics and English in a rewarding and enjoyable way. Our students gain a sense of confidence and excitement towards learning.

At Best in Class we focus on creating a solid educational foundation, promoting creative thinking, and offering flexible and affordable programs that are taught by top-notch teachers.

By utilizing our proprietary curriculum, software, and training programs, not only do our students achieve success, but our franchisees benefit from their success as well.

Want to make a difference in your community?

Join Best in Class to help one student at a time.

The Ideal Candidate

If you have a passion for education and a real desire to invest in your community, a Best in Class Education Center may be the door to your future.

While it is not necessary for our franchisees to have teaching certificates, we are ideally looking for motivated college graduates with a passion for education and working with school-aged children.

Our ideal candidate can provide professional management, honest communication, and strategic business planning while working independently and as a team member.

Individual Requirements:

  • Management or Business Experience
  • Education or Child Care Experience Preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Passion for Education
  • Motivated and Entrepreneurial Individual

The Investment

Franchise Fee  –                    $32,000 – $35,000


Total Investment Costs  –  $62,800 – $121,880


Min. Net Worth  –                $150,000


Liquid Assets  –                    $50,000


Teacher Incentive Program

Educators have the ability to change the world by helping one student at a
time. At Best in Class, we know that education is crucial to setting up a
student for future success.

We want to make it easier for passionate educators to join our team. We
are giving $3,000 off the franchise fee for EACH of the first three centers
that you open. In addition, we are waiving the royalty for the first three
months of opening a center.


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